Internet Safety & Hoaxes

Internet Safety

Please be advised that Perris Union High School District (PUHSD) is aware of the internet posts, which appear to be a nationwide hoax, having to do with clowns. Some posts state that clowns will be coming to schools and causing harm. We are working closely with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in an effort to put our students and school community at ease. PUHSD in conjunction with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and School Resource...... Read More

Alumni Wanted

The world is forever changing with various social media outlets. Our children are becoming dependent on “likes” and “statuses” to determine their own value. In this independent and rapidly changing society we are asking our Perris High School Alumni to help uplift the students’ confidence and self worth with your testimony of how Perris High School inspired you to succeed. Come share your story of how hard work and dedication helped to open doors of possibility for you. We invite you to come inspire our students’ in hope of changing...... Read More

WASC/Title I Parent Survey

This parent survey was created to gather information in order to help Perris High School staff better communicate with and serve students and their parents. Your input will be used to access current programs, parent needs and to develop plans for improvement. We appreciate your participation.

Parent Survey

Esta encuesta para los padres fue creado para reunir información con el fin de ayudar al personal de Perris High School mejor comunicarse con y servir a los estudiantes y sus padres. Su respuestas se utilizara...... Read More

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Perris High School’s professional educators will provide a broad-based curriculum that affords our students opportunities to acquire the skills needed to understand and contribute to an interdependent and rapidly-changing world.