Mrs. Baldwin

Welcome to the ART world at Perris High School.Art 1 will is an introduction to the Principles of Design, color theory, Perspective, Still life drawing, Portraits, Pastel, Collage, and designing an art book. The most important aspect of art is to learn how to See. Home work : 20 still life drawing, with 3,5, or 7 items in each, including 6 plus values in shading. This is a year long course.

Art II has a prerequisite of Art I with a grade of C or better. We will continue your growth and knowledge of the world of Art. Projects will consist of a self portrait, grid study, utilizing color pencils, acrylic paint, abstract drawings, working from a masters painting, contour drawings from models, and the continue growth to develop your skills of seeing. Homework: 30 still life drawing to scale including 3,5. or 7 items and 6 plus values. This is a year long course.

Art III and IV students will complete 19 art project, plus homework: 30 still life drawings. From time to time you will work on murals, and posters, and contour drawings.

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