Mr. Sanchez

Keyboarding & Word Processing Brief Course Description

Students learn the basic techniques of the touch system in the mastery of the keyboard and develop speed and accuracy in keyboarding data. They also develop the basic formatting skills necessary to produce letters, memorandums, reports, and tables. This is a basic course in an Office Administration curriculum and is a life-long learning skill.

Computer Literacy Brief Course Description

Students will learn computer basic skills in word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and desktop publishing. An emphasis will be placed on functions commonly used in education, business, and industry. Students will learn basic computer concepts that cover hardware, software, Internet usage, careers, and computer ethics. Students will learn to apply various skills learned in the MS Suite to school and entry-level job tasks used in business or industry.

Introduction to Multimedia Brief Course Description

Multimedia is a term that implies computers to design and create media products that are distributed across the range of electronic medium. The “multimedia industry” is a general term used to identify the businesses and people who create, promote, or distribute multimedia products. Multimedia products are used generally to inform, marker, educate, or entertain and many consist of interactive DVD/CD products, Internet products, video and photographic projects, digital art images, and print material. Students will use Adobe CS3 Photoshop and Illustrator to complete a variety of projects.

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