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Unified Physical Education - Inclusive Sports and Fitness

Inclusive Sports

Provides a unique opportunity for students with and without disabilities to come together through ongoing educational and physical activities. The Unified Physical Education course is structured around the national physical education standards and grade-level outcomes, which include gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness. Additionally, the class supports the development of leadership skills for all students, and the empowerment of all students to foster an inclusive class and school-wide environment.

Inclusive Fitness

Staying physically active is an important part of maintaining and improving overall health. The bridge between health and sports, fitness is optimal health and performance through adequate nutrition, hydration, and physical activity. Unified PE has developed several inclusive fitness models that each have a turn-key resource for educators and students to utilize. Unified Physical Education courses can be a gateway for further participation in Special Olympics programs and events.

Modified Physical Education

Adaptive PE Students with disabilities learn how to improve general fitness levels, improve muscular strength, flexibility, and improve cardiovascular endurance & conditioning. Students with disabilities are introduced to the benefits of exercise through Inclusive sports and fitness, walking and jogging, and to the principles of exercise. Emphasis is on encouraging independence through the teaching of lifelong fitness skills. Adaptations will be integrated per the disability.


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Rudy Schoenfelder
Weight Training, Fitness Walking, Unified PE

Troy Stenlake
Fitness Walking, PE 10 Team Sports, Unified PE, Modified APE

Rudy Schoenfelder
Weight Training, Fitness Walking, Unified PE