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Visual & Performing Arts Department

The mission of the Visual And Performing Arts Department (VAPA) is to provide equal access to quality standards-based arts instruction in music, drama and visual arts by competent, qualified teachers. Because the arts contribute to the total development of the individual and serve an important purpose in society, the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Department is dedicated to:

  • Expanding the role the arts play within our schools and lives
  • Creating and maintaining a network of community arts and cultural institutions that support all teachers and students in a standards-based arts curriculum
  • Addressing multiple intelligences, creative thinking, cultural diversity and special needs

The mission of the Visual and Performing Arts Department is to educate students as artists who serve humanity by communicating effectively within their disciplines, lending creativity to their professions and communities, and thereby making a positive impact upon society. The VAPA department strives to be an inclusive community by respecting those of differing backgrounds and beliefs, initiating creative collaboration, and fostering links to other communities. Through its curriculum, campus life, and programming, the department encourages imagination and creative ability, develops artistic sensibility, teaches the skills essential for professional competence, and sensitizes students to world cultures and the aesthetic needs of people.


Carolina Avalos
AP Art History Ceramics 1 Advance Ceramics

Donald Cerchia
Concert/Marching Band, Intermediate Band, Percussion, Color Guard

Danny Lee
Art 1, Art 2, AP 2D Design, AP Drawing

Lisa Lexim
Digital Photo 1 and II, Art I

Angelica Osuna

Kathryn Perez
Dance 1, Dance 2, PE

William Walters
Theater I and II, StageCraft, Play Productions